The Root of the Problem by Ryan Spindell (2012) [Short Film Review]


Ryan Spindell — who I just found out was BORN IN MAINE! — has several shorts under his belt and is currently filming his first feature length project, The Mortuary Collection. He is also the founder of Trapdoor Pictures, a Los Angeles-based production company that he runs with several other filmmakers.

The Root of the Problem was his 5th short and, as far as I’m concerned, is proof that he’s going places. Set in the prim and proper 50’s, it’s got the feel of a much bigger project, and would fit right in with an anthology, perhaps on the theme of the dark side of everyday life, or what monsters lie beneath seemingly benign settings (though, truth be told, going to the dentist has never felt benign to me). It’s well-acted, it makes your skin crawl (I especially loved some of the subtle expressions shared between Alison Gallaher and Brea Grant), and it has some impressive special effects to boot. I’m really looking forward to checking out more of his work!


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