Andrew J. D. Robinson of WORKOBEY Films [Short Film Review]


Canadian filmmaker Andrew J. D. Robinson, founder of the award-winning production company WORKOBEY Films as well as the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge, got in touch with me about reviewing four of his recent short films, and I was so psyched to oblige. I love horror in all of its forms, and short films are just so damn fun to check out — it’s amazing to see what can be accomplished with what is generally a very limited budget, cast, crew, and set.

WORKOBEY Films has over 20 original films to its name which can all be viewed on YouTube, awesomely enough. I was asked to check out Sightings, A Walk Home Alone, Placebo, and Something Scary, so I thought I’d do a quick blurb on each one. As usual, there may be some spoilers, so make sure you watch the films yourself before you read my reviews!

Starring Angela Parent, Hayden Rose, Chantal Kloosterman, and Maissa Houri, Sightings is a short but effectively chilling film about two women mourning the disappearance of their younger sister. Special shoutout to the effects artist, Alina Sauve, who crafted a pretty damn amazing looking corpse.

The lead in A Walk Home Alone, Maura Stephens, has a knack for conveying convincing emotion. I was impressed by just how much dread Robinson was able to pack into a short 6-minute run-time, and while the dialogue got a bit cheesy, Stephens was earnest enough that I didn’t notice it as much.

Maura Stephens makes another appearance in Placebo, this time as a woman striving to look more like her favorite celebrity. I was… not a huge fan of this one. It’s less about traditional narrative and more focused on imagery, which I think was a good call for such a short piece (around 2 1/2 minutes long), but I just didn’t think it was quite strong enough to stand on its own.

Something Scary gets props for being the most original in the bunch. I wish they had made GamerGurl a bit less of a caricature — her over-the-top bubbly personality took me out of the mood a bit — but this was the one short of the bunch that I felt could have been stretched nicely into a feature film.

Overall I am super excited to check out more of WORKOBEY Films’ shorts and can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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