Intruder (2016)


“During one of Oregon’s most violent storms, a young cellist seeks solitude and comfort in the safety of her large apartment, but soon realizes she might not be home alone.” — IMDb

Ooof, this movie. Where do I begin? I love home invasion movies. It’s one of my greatest real life fears (though it’d be nearly impossible for someone to be chillin’ in my house without me knowing because a) I have a dog who would rip their face off, and b) my house is tiny as hell). This means it’s generally pretty easy for a home invasion movie to creep me out. So when there’s one that fails at even that basic criteria, there’s a problem.

I feel like it’s just such a group of stereotypes all packed into one movie. The eerie music, the super shallow shots with a man lurking in the background, the pretty blonde, the dark and stormy night (and then next day… and then next night… and it continues on…), the introduction of multiple men who could ALL be the intruder in question. It’s tired.

But ultimately, hardly anything really HAPPENS. There’s a dramatic introduction that tells us, in no uncertain terms, that a murdering intruder is on the loose… but then it’s pretty much nothing but tense moments of watching the intruder skulking throughout her home. For DAYS, Y’ALL. Like this guy is downright COMFORTABLE in her home, and I’m getting comfortable WATCHING him in her home, because nothing is happening except him creeping around. Boring. Plus Moby makes a few appearances as the main character, Elizabeth’s, sketchy tutor or teacher or whatever he is (and yo, dude, acting isn’t your forte).

A boring script, overdone clichés, and plot hole after plot hole made this a dud for me.

Rating: 2/10 | Director: Travis Zariwny | Music: Nathaniel Levisay | Starring: Louise Linton, Moby, John Robinson, Steven Beckingham

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